Gameplay is based on the battle on a certain map. 2 teams take part in the battle, each of which consists of 6 players. They must choose a hero for which they will play. The choice is quite difficult, since each character has his own skills and abilities. The abilities of the heroes are different, but they complement each other in the team. Therefore, the result of the battle depends on how well the team worked together. The battle does not take place automatically, but according to certain tasks. These include: capturing enemy territory, holding control points on the field, or escorting a moving object to a location. Tasks vary by map and their completion is limited in time.

The game develops and more and more new modes appear. For example, there were arcade battles, the rules of which are dictated by the player himself. Development is constantly trying to diversify the game and add new unique characters and interesting locations. And thanks to loot boxes, "containers" you can buy various animations for characters and other items that can be used as an appearance.

History of creation

In the beginning there was Titan. Yes, once upon a time a huge number of players sat at this online game. However, it was canceled and development of Overwatch soon began. Over the years, this game, unlike others, did not belong to the 3rd main company. It didn't become a Warcraft or Diablo or StarCraft franchise. Although the concept of the game is completely new, some of the developments from the game Titan have been incorporated into it. It is based on North American sports leagues.

When creating Overwatch, the developers focused on the success of other popular shooters. They followed in the footsteps of such successful team games as: MOBA and Team Fortress 2. The idea of ​​the creators was that not only experienced gamers, but also beginners could enjoy the game. And the idea was a success thanks to the competent distribution of the balance of the characters. The game takes place in the near future on planet Earth. After the uprising of the robots, there was a global crisis and now the battle is underway for their place under the sun.

How did fate happen?

The public presentation of the game was in 2014 at the BlizzCon festival. However, it was still in closed beta testing. In the spring, after 2 years, the open mode attracted about 10 million players. Blizzard summed up the reports, according to which the company initially received more than a billion dollars. Within 2 years there were 4 times more players. Naturally, income also increased.

The critics gave their highest ratings. What did reviewers like about the game? Firstly, there was a low entry threshold and a pleasant game process. Secondly, bright cartoonish graphics and a variety of characters did not let us down. Now Overwatch is an esports discipline with competitions at the international level.

Overwatch is now an esports discipline with international competition.

Overwatch is now an esports discipline with international competition.

Overwatch is a sports game created in 2016 by Blizzard Entertainment. It is a unique first person shooter. Because the game was released on many devices, it became a multiplayer game. You can play on Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and even Nintendo Switch.