Perfect World

31.03.2009 Astrum Nival announced the completion of beta testing and the release of the Russian version of the game.

There are several versions of the game:

  1. The first part was created in 2006 year. This game was not released for international sale, and it remained a reference point only for the Chinese people.
  2. The second part was also developed in 2006, but with numerous edits and additions, namely: a new hero skill, location, items and a different payback system.

Both parts are based on the same graphics and story, but, nevertheless, differ in the in-system game.

The original game never went on sale outside the Chinese capital, in the Russian Federation and other CIS countries, it is customary to call this game by its usual name without a part, or to add a continuation to the main title, for example, “Perfect World: Legends of the Seas”. Astrum Nival, which later became part of the holding, is responsible for Russian localization and support of the official Russian server.

To get the initial version of the game, you must have a subscription called p2p-scheme. To expand the audience, the second part of the game was transferred to the category of games - without paying a monthly fee, or f2p. Then the game earned its popularity. The website of the game served as an activating platform for communication between players only on the Chinese server until the Anglo-Malaysian service version appeared,

Perfect World – is a Chinese multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Beijing Perfect World. Today it is played in many countries of the world, in several versions of development. The international version of the game belongs to the North American PWI, which was developed by Perfect World Entertainment and launched on 09/02/2008, i.е. open beta version. Now you can see it and try to play it in the English and Malaysian versions of the games.