Point Blank

"Contra"... How much in this word for the heart of a gamer has merged. Counter-Strike has become the benchmark for an online tactical shooter. Growing out of an addition to the no less masterpiece Half-Life, CS has become an esports icon that many look up to.

The classic system of confrontation between "red" and "blue", in the realities of PB rebels and peacekeepers, was later diluted with the addition of "green" - dinosaurs (!). You can switch between these factions at any time, which allows you to change the manner and style of the game. In order to please the trends of that time (and even the current one, what is already there), in PB a system for leveling a character by increasing the level (rank) was implemented. A player who received a new rank got access to more powerful weapons. The rank increased for participating in battles and for completing certain tasks. In addition, a system of rewards (medals) for progress in the game has been introduced.

Character customization is based on a combination of skin and specialization (of which there are seven). There are 13 character models, 5 for each human side and 3 for lizards. Initially, only 2 are available for humans and all three for dinos. Additional skins can be purchased for play money.

Currently, after one of the add-ons, the game was named Pircieng Blow, having received a new plotline as the main changes, the parties received a rebranding, a number of changes in models and weapons.


A total of 140 barrels are available to players, which can be used in 8 types of collisions from the usual deathmatch` and the trivial bomb planting to more exotic ones, involving either the use of a specific type of weapon (snipers,

There are many games that are similar in mechanics to counter. One of these was Point Blank (PB). Released in 2009 under the publishing house of NCSoft, the shooter quickly became an esports game along with other brothers in the genre.