PUBG is a real battle royale

As a result, the rhythm of the game is quite dynamic and exciting. All players must land on the island. They act alone or can form a variety of teams. Their main task is to find everything necessary for survival, this is equipment and weapons. You have to fight other opponents. The situation is complicated by the fact that the zone is constantly narrowing, those who remain abroad lose their health. You won’t be able to sit out, sooner or later everyone will fight for their lives. The winner is the last one remaining.

Release History

PUBG first became available on Steam in 2017 for Windows PC. Almost immediately after the release, they started talking about the incredible success. Already in the first 7 months sold 13 million. copies of this game. This indicator allowed this development to become one of the most popular. By the end of the year, a fully modified version was released, which immediately began to download many fans.

At the same time, not only on the computer now there is such entertainment. In 2018, PUBG came to game consoles. An application for mobile devices has also been added. As a result, the functionality can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.


PUBG allows up to 100 people to enter one field. At the same time, they all fight in real time. Everyone develops their own tactics. Someone prefers to hide and sit out while the established mass of rivals destroy each other. Others start alliances and try to work in the same team. Still others prefer to be the lone leader.

The winner can be one person or the team that will survive after all the other rivals die. In this case, it is possible to use any tactics and strategy. showing all his abilities.

PUBG was released by the corporation of the same name, which is a subsidiary of publisher Bluehole. On the Russian market, support is provided by Mail.Ru Group. When creating, previous products from the creator Brendan Green were used. At the same time, the work "Royal Battle" became the main source of inspiration. This is a Japanese movie from 2000.