Features of Ragnarök Online

Gamers don't often use the full name of the game. In relevant circles and communities, it is called RO. That is, the first letters of two words. On the territory of Russia and the CIS countries, RO is published by Innova.

What is the official name of the game in Russia?

T.k. in the original language, the name sounds like "Ragnarök Online" (in Russian transliteration "Ragnarök Online"), in a number of countries there was a hitch, because many of them do not have the letter "ö" in the alphabet. As a result, it was quickly replaced with a standard "o". However, it was decided to leave two versions of the name. So now there are two options:

And the title, and many of the main locations, as well as the names of the characters in the game, were borrowed from Norse mythology. For example, here gamers will meet Niflheim, Garm, Yggdrasil, Midgard and many others.

In some locations, users will find a stylization of the mythology of different states, such as Korea, Germany, Russia, etc. English were also involved fairy tales, Arabic myths, etc.

From graphics

RO uses a mixture of 2D and 3D graphics. For example, the creation of landscapes is carried out in three dimensions, and the drawing of monsters, characters of players and NPCs is done using 2D graphics.

Due to this technique, it is possible to solve the problem of the "Crowd". That is, no matter how many characters are on the screen. Their rendering takes approximately the same time, which allows you to maintain a sufficiently high quality of images.

As for the design, here the creators adhered to the style of "manhwa" - this is a Korean variety of manga. This can be traced both in the characters themselves and in the features of displaying the emotions they experience.

True connoisseurs of computer games must know about Ragnarök Online . she has become something of a legend in the gaming world. Ragnarök Online  is one of the MMORPGs developed by the well-known Korean company GRAVITY Co., Ltd. The creation of the game began over 20 years ago – in 2000. The basis of the game universe was the manhwa of the same name by the Korean author Lee Myung-jin.