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What is Zeny

Zeny is the key currency of Ragnarok Online, made in the form of gold coins. It is on them that potions, food, useful items from non-player figures, recipes and various things on the market are purchased, and, of course, all kinds of equipment items that often determine the outcome of duels and battles.

The higher the level of armor and talismans, the better the protection against physical and magical damage, which means that for a successful gaming experience you will have to thoroughly dress up and arm yourself. But it will take a lot of zen, and farming in Ragnarok does not shine with variety:

But there is also a faster and easier way to get Ragnarok zeny without getting distracted from the most interesting features of the game. You can simply buy them as you need them.

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Like any MMORPG, Ragnarok immerses the player in a special universe where you will need not only love for endless PvP battles, raids and mysteries of the original professions, but also a special game currency. Without a sufficient supply of the latter, everything else is shelved, because some of the characteristics of the character depend on equipment, most of which cannot be obtained for free.