Raid: Shadow Legends

Game Features

A fantasy-style collectible-role-playing step-by-step quest filled with more than 400 heroes divided into 16 factions. Character classification - more than 15 types, including brave elves, ugly orcs, terrible lizardmen and other undead.

Release date - 01/21/2020.

The storyline of the game is the kingdom of Teleria, captured the lord of the dark side of Siroth.

The player's function is a resurrected ancient Telerian warrior, called to defeat Siroth, restore peace and harmony, and free the kingdom from gloomy tyranny.

The task of the players is to form an army from heroic characters, and fearlessly fight in the formats of various locations - deserts, dungeons, castles, temples. All territories are patrolled by enemies, but from time to time you can meet allies there. There is an opportunity to collect fragments with the souls of warriors who fell in battle. There are four types of such shards, and each of them has different properties.

The total amount of RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS is a game campaign of 12 chapters. In each of these chapters - 7 levels, subdivided, in turn, into different difficulty modes, in the amount of 4 options, where one can especially note the hard hellishness of the last level added in patch 1.12.

The story campaign is tightly tied on PvP multiplayer, which clearly captures the rating of gamers, and, according to The Verge, can provide a chic experience of playing in the theme of the collectible RPG segment.

Each of the characters in the game has an individual set of animations, giving it exclusivity.< /p>

RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS is a shareware mobile game developed and published by PLARIUM for personal computers, Android platforms and iOS devices.