RF Online

The localized free version of RF Online has been officially released in Russia since January 2007. The company "Innova" acts as the author of the game in the Russian Federation. On behalf of the official publisher, five game servers are provided, available at various times in the past.

The version presented on the official servers of the Russian Federation is Episode II Giga IV Part II Update III Bellato Strikes Back: Grand Update (installation date - 02.11 .2009). Information regarding any transformations is publicly available on the user game forum.

General description

RF Online is designed in a free 3D format. The principle of the game looks like the interaction of high technologies, laser and firearms, robots, cyborgs, a magic sphere with its rituals, as well as various natural elements.

The game is based on the confrontation of three races that are fighting for the potential of useful resources on the planet "Novus". One race differs from another in appearance, characteristic features.

The user creates an account, which remains empty. When using a single server with one account, it is possible to manage three actors of any of the three races.

A character of a particular race does not perceive the language of other races (the exception is the use of a “translator” in the cash-shop), it is forbidden to exchange or trade valuables . Race heroes are presented with the appropriate hostility, they attack like monsters.

Player fights within their race cannot be activated without applying a specific key: PC-sweat. In addition, the “Enemy of the Race” attack is available to everyone, the corresponding status for which can be assigned by the decision of the representatives of the race when choosing role-playing characters.

In each eight-hour real-time interval, an event called the "War for the Chip" is scheduled. Two hours are allotted for it, and a notification countdown is displayed an hour before the start. According to the rules of the game, during this time, the race will have to destroy the terminal of any other race, while retaining its own.

If the participant managed to win the "War for the Mine", then he gets the opportunity to mine minerals in the territory of the specified mine. After destroying the chip of the enemy side, it is assumed that the dominant race stands on the protection of the Keeper of the Altar for half an hour. With the right distribution of efforts and the use of opportunities, the winning race receives significant advantages. The Chip Wars showcase one of the features of RF Online: the frequent implementation of PvP battles.

As a result of the release of Bellato Strikes Back, the CV gets enhanced features. The developers provide for such an option as the destruction by the character of another character controlled by a person, because of which the war between the three races becomes a drain of hostile guilds and help to the allied guilds of other races. This approach adds variety and gives a fresh impetus to the game.

Another distinguishing feature of the game is the use of "pots". Restorers in the three races have different names, and in this version of the game they are activated more often and in greater numbers than in other MMORPGs. Representing power equality, opponents are unable to defeat each other, being alone. There is no way to overcome the 'sweat' healing delivered to the opponent.

There are character classes that have magical techniques that prevent sweats. Standard, support-oriented, healer ranks are provided only in a truncated form: for example, the animus Inanna, who is called by the magician. "Sweats" are purchased in stores and used through a built-in automatic system, which will maintain health at the desired level.

RF Online (Rising Force Online), which in English sounds like "growing force" — Korean role-playing game on PC (MMORPG), produced by CCR, Inc. The atmosphere of the game — a combination of fantasy and science fiction. At the heart of the script — the conflict of three races opposing in the battle for resources.