Rise of Kingdoms

Real-time battles

Depending on the actions that take place on your territory, you can choose one or another rational option. When attacking allies, for example, send troops to help him. The gamer also has the possibility of a sudden unplanned attack on the enemy's territory.

Smooth map

Events are implemented on a three-dimensional map where players and NPCs are located. There are no independent locations or screens for combat here. The "Infinite zoom" option, which has not been used before on mobile devices, provides free switching between the general picture of the world and a map of individual settlements or barbarian shelters.

The map displays obstacles of natural origin in the form of mountains and rivers, as well as strategic points that must be conquered in order to infiltrate neighboring territories.

Unique civilizations

The gamer must choose one historically significant civilization among the eleven available (their number is constantly being added!) and to help your civilization in overcoming the path from a lonely clan to a world-class owner. Each civilization has its own architecture, original units and advantages.

Research Sphere

The game space is immersed in thick fog. The gamer has the ability to send scouts to explore these secret lands and the treasures hidden there. The player's tasks may include the study of ancient temples, barbarian fortresses and caves, abandoned villages.

The battle process has no prior control. Battles are carried out on the map in real time. Any participant has the opportunity to enter the game when he wants and leave it, thanks to which the game acquires the properties of actions unfolding in real time.