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RL has a special in-game currency. You can use it to buy various items, increasing the value of your account. On the Loot4Pay marketplace, you can buy Rocket League credits at a much better price than in the game store. At the same time, you can purchase exactly as much currency as you need to buy the desired items.

How to make a purchase

Purchase of Rocket League credits is carried out from our sellers in the appropriate section. All users are ordinary players, so trading is carried out directly and without additional markups. To successfully purchase the required amount of currency, you need to perform a couple of simple operations:

We're a quick and cheap way to buy Rocket League Credits, but it doesn't stop there. If you are registered on our platform, then you can easily sell Rocket League credits by opening your own page on the marketplace.

With the Loot4Pay marketplace, you can organize an additional source of income for yourself. Perhaps if the Rocket League Credits sale goes well, you can change your line of work altogether and devote yourself entirely to trading in-game valuables. Let the game bring not only pleasure, but also profit!

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