Rosh Online

Rosh Online Project

Evil characters of the game do their best to harm the world of Asmar, they commit all sorts of meanness and intrigues. The player is faced with the task of choosing one of the seven characters presented in the game. The storyline involves the division of classes into subclasses. The gamer chooses his character and starts the game.

His task is to destroy evil and maintain peace in Asmara. The new Rosh Online project allows players to make major battles, besiege castles, take part in the struggle for mines.


Useful information about the Karos game was posted on the MMO13 website for gamers. The new project of the Rosh Online game is a revised and supplemented version of it. Improved design pictures, more characters, it became possible to work in free mode.

The quest system was also improved. Now the player could complete tasks in several stages. This helped him, in the future, to gain more experience in the game, to choose a convenient strategy for fighting. In essence, the new Rosh Online project is an improved and improved Karos game, in which its main points have been preserved.

This is a new generation game for players with a well-developed intuition. It is made in the mmorg genre, directs the player to the virtual and mysterious world of Asmar. Its participants are representatives of the four races of humanity. According to the plot, they are forced to fight with the villains of the ancient, dark world.