Royal Quest Guilds

Buy a guild in Royal Quest

How to buy it

In Royal Quest, guilds are sold in the shortest possible time, because they rarely part with them, and many are looking for ready-made options. Our exchange is convenient for those who urgently need to acquire them. The purchase takes place in a couple of clicks:

  1. We negotiate with the seller.
  2. We pay in any suitable way.
  3. We receive the goods.

In most cases, delivery takes from a few minutes to a day, depending on whether the supplier is online. This is easy to understand by looking at the icon. Optionally, after the transaction is completed, you can evaluate the cooperation to help other users with the choice.

Royal Quest is a free trade and exchange game. Here the player can even give away a guild. Of course, no one gives it just like that. Build a community and establish a good reputation – great work. Therefore, we offer to buy it.