Rust - survival in a new way

About the game

Survive at any cost. Rust is a survival-action game, i.e. a survival thriller that is complicated by terrible hunger, lack of water and constant clashes with animals.

The version of Rust Legacy, presented in 2013, is no longer available on gaming sites today, but Rust Experimental, an updated story of survival, launched a year later, it successfully occupies a leading position on major gaming sites among RPG fans.

First of all, the changes affected the graphics. She became more juicy. The developers have done a tremendous amount of work to create a virtual world that is closest to real conditions. Besides the change of the seasons, the change of day and night, now you can fully experience all the surprises of nature - from sultry heat to torrential downpours. The list of animals has also changed, for example, zombies were completely removed from the game.

There are quite a few items and functions left from the first version, although most of them have also been updated. Armor types have undergone key changes. Thus, the hero of the game is now as close as possible to the image of a real person. We also worked on instincts - now he feels hungry more often.

The game does not lose its relevance due to regular updates. In 2017, a special workshop was introduced to create your own skins. At the same time, the original concept of the game has not changed at all. The task of surviving in a world where danger and sometimes insurmountable difficulties lie in wait for you all the time has remained unchanged.

Do you want to manage on your own? Try your hand. Do you think that survival depends on the cohesion of people? Find friends and create your city, destroying those who are no longer trusted. The uniqueness of the game is that there are no invented rules for survival, you are looking for ways yourself.

Computer game Rust — the product of the talented developers of the Facepunch studio, which since 2014 has been headed by Harry Newman. The British company has repeatedly surprised users of Microsoft Windows and macOS with exciting games in a variety of genres, and this one is no exception. Its presentation took place on February 8, 2013