At present, the development function is entrusted to a group of specialists from Obsidian Entertainment, and its direction is exclusively Skyforge. As part of the developers there are designers of the corresponding levels. The team's specialists are adapting the game to the needs of Western consumers.

Plot description

Events are developing on the planet Elion, which is named after the god Elias. During his reign, the world was in perfect harmony. But an irrational anomaly happens, as a result of which Eli disappears. Alien conquerors see Aelion as easy prey, which was left without a defender.

From that moment, hordes of aliens attack her in order to subjugate them. Every battle brings its consequences. But after the disappearance of Eli, the number of immortal inhabitants on the planet increases. They set a single goal - to protect the land from enemy attacks.

Game process

At the start, the player sets the settings regarding the appearance of the hero, assigns him a name. Then, after the prologue, three classes of the game become available to the gamer. Outside of combat, the gamer can switch between them at will. Other classes are activated in the "Provinces" section (in the previous version - in the general atlas).

The character is a hero with magical abilities, equipped with technological devices depending on class membership. Control of the immortal hero is possible through a complex system and Mouse-Look. The camera is paired with the mouse cursor, and special keys are responsible for moving the hero.

The attack option becomes available after the target is in the hero's field of view. The player is not limited in his actions during the battle, he can cross the battlefield at high speed, making jumps and tricks. In some places, Skyforge resembles a slasher with its combo attacks, specific attacks and ultimate attacks.

A cult of supporters is assigned to the character, who transfer some of their power to him. The hero is endowed with the ability to acquire the face of a deity at the right time and apply superpowers, including healing during the battle. Transforming into the nature of the highest level, the hero increases in volume; the speed of his movements increases, the range of attacks expands, the damage from his blows increases incredibly, and instead of running, he levitates.

The hero's health potential is increased by eight times, so he is unreachable through standard attacks. As a result of mastering several levels, the hero has a significant advantage: changing combat classes without leaving the game mode, as well as using supernatural skills of "divine origin" generated by different groups of classes.

Skyforge — a tech fantasy action MMORPG game for PC. The publishers are Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment. In Russia, the software is handled by Games. Skyforge has been under development since 2010; release date — 04/02/2015.