Smite Skins

Buy Smite skins

The developers are trying to diversify the game to the maximum and therefore new skins for characters are constantly appearing in Smite. You can buy a new skin for your god, but for this you have to farm currency for it. And some skins were completely unique and are no longer available for purchase. In this case, you can only hope that the desired skin will someday reappear in the in-game store. Marketplace Loot4Pay offers you a faster and easier solution - you can always buy skins from us and get the rarest skins.

How to buy skins in SMITE

Codes for unique skins from SMITE will be yours in just a few clicks.

After that, wait for the skin to be received and complete the transaction. Thanks to the Loot4Pay marketplace guarantor, your funds will be reserved until the transaction is confirmed, and therefore you can be sure of the quality of the goods.

Why buy skins

Although the presence of a cosmetic skin does not affect your game skill and hero characteristics, your favorite god will look much more effective in a new look. Unfortunately, not all skins in SMITE can be purchased immediately. Some of them require a season pass, and some require participation in events. Even those skins that are sold directly in the in-game store, require many hours of farming the currency needed to acquire them.

Purchasing codes on Loot4Pay will save you a lot of personal time and give you a lot of fun. After all, in just a few minutes you can get such a desired skin and show off your new outfit in front of your group.

Among the heroes of MOBA SMITE you can meet many deities from various pantheons. Here you will find familiar Greek and Roman gods and rarer deities from Slavic, Japanese, Chinese and even Aztec mythology. In such a variety of characters, it is very easy to find those who you like the most, but even playing for your favorite hero can get boring very quickly.