Steam Gifts

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What are Gifts

Many active gamers prefer to purchase games on Steam not directly, but with the help of special gifts (gifts). They allow you to get a good discount and purchase the desired game at a nice price. It is also possible to get as a "gift" a set of popular shooters and simulators.

After purchasing a Gift, you will need to install and activate it in the service. Thanks to this, the desired game will appear in the list in your personal account, and you will have constant access to it.

Our advantages

Purchasing Gifts «Steam» in our store, you are guaranteed to get the following:

Security guarantor

We should also talk about the guarantor, thanks to which we manage to make all transactions safe for both sellers and buyers. The principle of its operation is very simple – after making a purchase of Steam Gifts, the money is temporarily frozen. The seller receives them only when the buyer confirms the receipt of all purchased valuables.

Any unfinished transaction is considered in arbitration, after which the unscrupulous seller is forever deprived of the opportunity to earn money on our exchange, and the client receives his money back.

How to make a purchase

Purchasing Gifts on the site is as easy as shelling pears:

Please note that you can only buy gifts in the same region as your – this is due to Valve's policy. Therefore, check the geography of the offer in advance, otherwise you will not be able to activate the Gift in your account.

We offer favorable conditions for the sale of Steam Gifts. In this case, you will need to register on the portal and create your own offer. You can set absolutely any price for your lots, but we advise you to first study the offers of other sellers in order to seriously compete with them.

Our exchange – this is the best solution for those who do not want to spend money on games in Steam and want to find the most profitable offer for their purchase. Please note that the portal does not have games or their components. For more information, please visit:

On our website you can buy Steam Gifts without intermediaries and overpayments. We offer reliable transactions protected by a guarantor. You can choose the best offer for the price or discuss the cost with the seller – we are sure that in the end you will definitely find an option that meets all your requirements.