Teamfight Tactics

The game invites the user to assemble their own army in order to defeat opponents in the face of other players and in PVE mode, as well as improve the combat capability of their troops and recruit new characters. All these "feats" are to be performed on the map from the islands - one is central, while the other seven are located around it. On these eight islands you have to create the history of the "little legend" (as the players in the world of Teamfight Tactics are called).


The gameplay itself begins with the appearance of eight players (including the user himself) on the central island, which is also called "carousel" in the game's slang. At this stage, your task is to recruit fighters who walk and run around the territory of the same island.

In almost 100% of cases, they are represented by League of Legends characters. A certain amount of time is allotted to select, catch up and attach characters to yourself. As soon as it ends, you and the selected characters are transferred to your island - in fact, this process became the reason for the name "carousel". From this moment, the first stage of the round begins - the preparation of the army for battle. To do this, you need to choose which of the characters the user will entrust to fight. When the choice is made, it is necessary from the fighters to the cells. For those whom the player does not want to see on the battlefield, a bench has been invented. There you can place characters (9 in total) that you plan to use, for example, for upgrading, selling, and so on.

Tactics and course of the game

The formation of a combat-ready army is a delicate matter, because. each of the characters belongs to some clan and class, and also has its own set of skills. There are both pluses and minuses in creating armies from one clan or class. In general, to create a balanced team, you will have to make some efforts. The process of obtaining new characters can be carried out both by purchasing from a special store, and with the help of in-game actions: several wins or losses in a row in matches, killing monsters in PVE mode (they drop spheres, and from the spheres, in turn, random characters) .

Until the first stage of the round is completed, the user, in addition to buying and selling characters, can still gain experience, increase the number of places in his army, update the store, and so on.

In the second stage of the round, only the experience and assortment of the store can be changed. As soon as the time limit allotted for the first stage ends, the second stage begins - the actual battle itself. It takes place on one of the islands - both the player himself and the enemy - the choice of the field is random. It is a grid of 3x7 hexagons. It is necessary to arrange your characters in them, however, it should be borne in mind that due to the shape of the cells, orderly rows do not work.

Battles last in pairs until there is only one left. Sometimes the game will add an extra time to the battle (15 seconds) if the armies still have not finished the battle. As soon as the health of one of the players drops to zero, he lost. In general, the sequence of events in Teamfight Tactics is as follows.

For convenience, it is easier to combine several rounds into stages.

The first stage consists of three rounds - a character is selected on the central island, then each of the eight players must endure battles in PVE mode.

All other stages involve only one round against mobs, all others against other players.

In addition, the ability to select a character directly depends on the level of his health. The lower the HP, the faster it is the character's turn to pick.

the faster it is the character's turn to select.

the faster it is the character's turn to select.

Initially, Teamfight Tactics was a kind of addition to League of Legends 9.13 and 9.14 updates. However, enough interest from users allowed Riot Games to release a standalone app for iOS and Android in  March 19, 2020. As a result, Riot Games turned out to be a standalone multiplayer auto-chess game.