At the beginning of 2021, the number of active users of the service was calculated - it amounted to almost 500 million people. In the channel owned by Pavel Durov, in August 2017, a record appeared that the daily increase in users was a little over 600 thousand.

According to a study conducted by TGStat in May 2019, the majority of Russian messenger users are in the age range of 18-24 and 25-34 years old. Among them, 35.6% are Muscovites, 13.3% are residents of St. Petersburg. There are approximately the same number of users from other regions.

The project is financed by Pavel Durov, and about $13 million is received annually.

In addition to messaging in groups and dialogs , Telegram can store a large number of files, maintain microblogs, and use bots.

In the period from 04/16/18 to 06/18/20, you can use the messenger in Russia with some restrictions.

Telegram – is a convenient cross-platform messenger with which you can exchange media files and messages in different formats. Telegram apps are suitable for installation on devices with different platforms. Users can send messages and exchange photos, stickers, video messages and voice recordings. You can use it to send files of any type, make video and audio calls.