TERA Items

Buy Tera Items Online

The easiest way to get dressed is to go to the Loot4Pay marketplace and buy items in the TERA section. You can buy the most necessary things from us, skipping the days and weeks of grinding, and immediately move on to really interesting activities.

How to use the marketplace

You can buy TERA items on Loot4Pay in the following way:

If everything went smoothly, you can report successful transaction. Then the most pleasant thing remains - to use the purchased items and enjoy the gameplay.

If you have a rare powerful item, then you can sell it. All trade with us is carried out directly between the players, so if things can be bought, then you can earn money on them.

Not a single MMORPG can be played normally without game currency and good gear. Despite all its innovation in terms of gameplay, TERA is no exception in this aspect. Whatever you want to do in TERA, first you need to get cool equipment, otherwise you will not have a chance to compete with cool players. In PvE, a normal group simply won't take such a charm, and it's not even worth talking about PvP — everything is clear here.