Buy gold (gold) in TERA Online

The hallmark of TERA Online is a unique combat system, designated by the developer as non-target. If in analogues there is enough click to select a target, then here you have to aim. Also, the characters are able to dodge attacks, which means that the skill and dexterity of the player are not of the last importance. However, don't rely on them alone.

As in any multiplayer game, battles are not won in this world, and new stages are not reached without good equipment. The higher the level, the more powerful the robes and weapons should be. You can buy them in the built-in store for the TERA game currency - gold. The easiest way to get enough gold is with us.

The advantages of buying gold on our marketplace

In TERA, there is never too much gold, but not enough. It constantly has to be spent in order to keep up with rivals. But farming is easy or interesting, hardly anyone would call it. We help to buy TERA Online gold inexpensively and without risks and provide the most comfortable conditions:

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How to buy

In TERA, not only advanced gamers, but also novice gamers often choose to buy gold. Therefore, we took care to make buying such an important and valuable item easy even for a child.

You can buy TERA gold according to an intuitive scheme that comes down to elementary steps:

  1. We find the optimal balance of the ruble and gold and write to the owner of the lot.
  2. Specify payment details and pay.
  3. Check the gold that has arrived TERA online and close the order to confirm receipt.
  4. We recommend to evaluate the cooperation after the third action. Your feedback will tell others who to do business with, and support fair sales.

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