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Buy TESO (The Elder Scrolls Online) Items

In the game itself, there are dozens of restrictions that will prevent you from becoming strong if you do not have a guild that is willing to invest a tidy sum in you. For crafting, you need to spend more than six months, and when buying at an auction, it is easy to meet prices that are unaffordable for ordinary players. And even if you are lucky enough to get the right item from the open world or a dungeon, it may be with the wrong trait or an unnecessary class.

But there is no such problem on Loot4Pay - on our marketplace you buy items directly from the players, without wasting time and nerves on a long grind.

How to make a purchase

For purchase items in TESO, you need to follow a simple sequence of actions:

You will only have to receive the items in the way that is provided for by your agreements with the seller, and then transfer the payment to the seller. Until this moment, all funds are held by the Loot4Pay marketplace. Therefore, in case of a deal failure, you can always get them back!

Why you should do it

Despite past problems, TESO continues to develop actively. Every year a new major addition is released, new classes and talent branches appear.

When was the last time you saw an MMO as easy to use as The Elder Scrolls Online? You can easily get even extremely powerful equipment that you would have to mine for months in another game. But there is one problem — this only works on Loot4Pay!