Trove Flux

Buy flux at Trove

Flux is the most sought after material in Trove, which has made it an unofficial currency that can be used to buy items from other players. He is needed by everyone and always. Flux is used to create both classic and shadow diamonds, and make improvements to Forge and Enchanted Forge.

At the same time, the ways to farm this value are time-consuming, often require the purchase of special tools , and basically come down to the following activities:

All this takes a lot of time and is not given to everyone. which buys raw materials from someone else, can offer. On our site, the prices are set by the merchants themselves, negotiating with potential customers and competing with each other. During such a sale, the most tempting lots appear.

How to buy

It's not difficult to buy a flux in Trove with us. The procedure is as simple and intuitive as possible. It is enough to perform three actions:

  1. We choose a good ratio of volume and price and write to the author of the ad in the online chat for approval.
  2. We make an advance payment, which will be reserved until you confirm that the fluxes have arrived.
  3. Receive and close the order.

The last step confirms that the purchase was completed successfully, which means that the flux miner has earned a reward. As a rule, the delivery of gaming items occurs as soon as possible, since it is possible to post only what is already in stock. If cooperation did not work out and the partner does not strive to fulfill its obligations, you can contact the portal specialists for a refund.

The voxel multiplayer game Trove, like most fictional universes, is endowed not only with a beautiful legend, various representatives of the forces of light and darkness, many quests, but also with unique resources and currency.