Valheim: survival in the fantasy world of Scandinavian myths

The creator of the novelty is the Swedish company Iron Gate, the publisher is Coffee Stain.

Action in game

The virtual space of action of the game's heroes is a huge complex world filled with the real breath of Scandinavia. Interestingly, a special algorithm creates a new unique landscape for each playthrough of the game, so the action is guaranteed not to get bored for a very long time and does not become too easy.

The plot of the game is based on Scandinavian myths and legends. The fundamental difference between the Valheim game is that the player has a specific goal. The system installs it for him immediately after the start of activity. Tests, enemies, riddles haunt the hero literally everywhere - there are practically no “boring” zones with free action. In general, the process of passing obstacles is decorated very interestingly and colorfully, so the aesthetic pleasure of the action is also guaranteed.

The game begins intriguingly: the Viking hero is captured by a giant raven. He brings the traveler to the fairy-tale land of Walheim, home to many wild animals and dangerous entities. Once on the ground, the warrior sees the famous runestones, as well as ... the mythical talking ravens of Odin. They tell him that now his task is to be able to summon wonderful animals (ie bosses), and then fight them in a decisive battle. Defeating them will not be easy, but this is the only chance for the hero to survive, and he agrees to go to the end. But he soon realizes that every step towards the cherished battle is very difficult for him - literally at every step he has to use all his strength to stay alive.

As for weapons, that hero is not much spoiled by the game. At first, he does pass the test empty-handed. But quickly he has the first primitive tools: he makes them himself from stone and wood. To get more advanced weapons, you need to look for rare materials - for example, such as the bones of enemy skeletons. Behind them go on a campaign in the fortress. Navigating the game's world is also tricky, with the landscape dotted with bodies of water, mountains, zones of frost and poisonous earth. It is possible to go through each of them - but this will require special training. Between trials, it is important for the hero to sleep, eat and snack on magical honey.

Valheim is a new "survival simulator" game that was released on Steam as recently as February 2021.