Mechanism of the game

Two opposing teams take part in the game, five people each. Each person in the game is a character endowed with supernatural powers that must be acquired before the start of the game or earned throughout the action. Any hero has an absolute skill, but it can only be used after it is recharged. Recharging is carried out in the following ways: at the time of the death of an opponent, activation / deactivation of ammunition, as well as during the occupation of certain territories that appear in different locations on the map at the beginning of each new event.

Ammo arsenal includes knives, pistol, shotgun, machine gun, submachine gun and sniper rifle. In the main gameplay plot, the attackers have a spike or a bomb that they activate at a specific location. If the attacking team correctly detonates the projectile, they earn a point. But, if the defenders manage to neutralize the spike, or place its activation, then at the end of one hundred seconds, the point is counted in favor of this team. If you destroy all opponents, then the round is won. The team that successfully completes thirteen rounds wins the match. After twelve rounds, the sides change places. The game is controlled by a server with a 128 Hz tick rate, so it runs smoothly and does not freeze.

Valorant can be compared to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, in which the battle of both teams typically occurs, one of they are represented by attackers or attackers, who are faced with the goal of activating the charger and detonating it, the second is defenders or special forces,

VALORANT is a multiplayer game produced and published by Riot Games. It is a pioneer from this company in the form of a shooter for one player. Originally titled "Project A" as of 10/2019, but subsequently released in March 2020 under the current title.