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On our in-game value marketplace, you can order Valorant training. We guarantee a transaction without intermediaries and additional commissions. Training services are provided by gamers with extensive experience and excellent knowledge of the game.

Features of training

The process includes joint training or communication with an expert via Skype. The following points are highlighted:

Using our marketplace, you can find the right pro to learn how to play Valorant and upgrade your skills. Browse the available offers and choose the option that suits the price. After that, contact the seller to clarify the details of the transaction. If you have any questions, please contact our technical support.

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Valorant – popular competitive shooter from Riot Games studio. The game has been enjoyed by millions of gamers and is already seriously competing with such hits as CS:GO, Call of Duty and Overwatch. The gameplay is dynamic and exciting, but for a better understanding of the features of the game, a beginner will need to take a tutorial.