Vikings: War of Clans

The game program is distributed completely free of charge. For the past five years, the game has consistently been in the TOP of the most downloaded and popular applications.


This game application is designed for phones or browsers. Participants in the gameplay will need to create and develop their clans, train the military, and improve urban areas. To carry out changes, special materials are needed - these are wood, food, silver or gold. You can find the necessary materials by upgrading city buildings, making trips to the resource locations of the world map, or by attacking other people's cities.

What are clans

Clans are the main social part of the game. Participants can create groups of up to a hundred people who can have one name, one coat of arms, motto, appoint clan leaders (this is an elder, a leader, and many others). It is convenient for participants to join clans in order to achieve their common goals - this is to assist in the development of the clan, to participate in competitions.

What are kingdoms for

Participants in the game are divided into separate areas by location - these are kingdoms. Each individual kingdom has more than 45 thousand participants. By the end of 2016, more than 220 such kingdoms could be counted.

A kingdom grants its member the ability to move the entire world as many times as desired, while moving the city itself to a neighboring kingdom is only possible when the member is considered a rookie. In the center of each of them there is a location called "Place of Power". When the player captures it, they receive additional benefits.

Kingdom War

The War of the Kingdoms is a major rivalry in which kingdoms are paired up. In each pair, a resident of one of the kingdoms can change something, for example, move to the kingdom of the enemy. If the participant wins the Battle between the Kingdoms, he receives a reward - this is a location called "Gold of the Gods". The advantage is that the production of gold will be accelerated ten times.

Clash of Clans is the largest military action between clans from different kingdoms. Clans are at war, there is a global battle. Winning such a military event provides a bonus of seven days of accelerating the knowledge of the citadel, and the processing of the required resources is increased by ten percent.

Place of Power

A place of power is considered a location that is located in the center of the kingdom. Only members of the clan itself will be able to capture it. In the process of capturing this location by any of the clans, the commander will become the king of the kingdom in which the Place of Power is located.

The king can assign any of the sixteen presented titles to the member of the kingdom, which have positive or negative effects on the player's gameplay.

Game "Vikings: War of Clans" (translated into Russian as "Vikings: War of Clans") is a popular MMO-style game application for phones and browsers from the well-known company "Plarium". The program appeared on the Google Play and App Stor platforms in the summer of 2015. In October 2016, the version of the game was released on Facebook, in 2017, a browser version was presented on the official website of the company.