War Thunder

Rules of the game

War Thunder provides access to various kinds of game modes. There are realistic game modes, arcade game mode and simulation mode.

Also, depending on the type of enemy, there are battles against other players or against the computer.

Game in session format

Implies the participation of other users who, before the start of the battle, are divided into two opposing teams. Teams consists of six to sixteen players.

Each team has a specific goal for the game: capturing enemy territory, a base, an airfield, or attacking and defending areas. The session is considered ended when one of the set goals is fulfilled, all combat units are destroyed in any team, or users leave the game.

Mission with allies or alone

< p>This mode involves the game against military equipment, which is controlled by a computer. In this case, the user can also be given various tasks from disabling all enemy vehicles to completing special missions.

Third game mode - Event

In this case, the player acts within the fixed framework of a real combat event, where he can be content with only a predefined set of vehicles.< /p>

Damage models

The game does not include a health bar. Each accurate hit on enemy vehicles is evaluated depending on the type of weapon, the caliber of the projectile, the location and trajectory of the hit, and the type of armor. Guns vary in size, rate of fire, and spread. Projectiles are classified by size, mass, speed, presence of fragments and their spread, and other features. In the event of a hit into enemy vehicles, the materials of the point where the impact fell are taken into account, whether it be glass, wood, or various kinds of metals. For example: 8 cm of cast armor equates to 7.5 cm of rolled armor.

One of the key factors is the location of damage to enemy vehicles. So if the projectile damages any module of an enemy combat vehicle, it can instantly fail or the crew of the vehicle can suffer.


There are more than fifty map modifications in the game for all types of vehicles: air, land and sea. It is worth noting that the largest maps were created for aviation, as some locations cover an area of​​more than 15 thousand square kilometers. The game has a lot of maps that are based on the places of real combat conflicts of the Second World War,

War Thunder — an online multiplayer game on PC that includes flight simulator components. The game involves the control of combat aircraft and helicopters, as well as a combat fleet. The equipment presented in the game was used at the beginning of the 20th century, during the war years, and in the period after the war. War Thunder is developed by Gaijin Entertainment.