Actions in this game take place in a non-existent world. Here there is a rivalry between several enemies for indivisible power. You as a player will assume the role of a Tenno. Who are they? These are ancient warriors who use the possibility of remote control of the body in their battles. They have access to a variety of weapons and, of course, they have different abilities.

This game combines all sorts of fights, as well as the use of various tricks, weapons. Elements of PC games are also used here - the player regularly has the opportunity not to stand still. and develop your character in every possible way. Players have the opportunity to purchase various items in the game store for real money, which will help him improve his capabilities inside the game.

The idea of ​​creating such a game appeared in the early 2000s. After that, they have been developing a game called Dark Sector for quite some time. It is worth noting that this project was eventually closed, because the studio could not find those who would be ready to release this game. In 2008, another game is released, which has the same name, but it is only partially based on previously completed developments. Further, the studio turns to the original idea, and the name of the game is changed to Warframe. It is worth noting that after the launch, the game was not particularly in demand among users and the reviews were very mediocre. But over the next years, the developers improved their product, made effective and interesting additions. This led to an increase in the popularity of the game and by 2018 the number of registered users approached the mark of 40 million, and the number of players who are simultaneously present in the game leaves more than 120 thousand.


This game is suitable not only for one user, because it is designed for four. There are four types of weapons. This is the following weapon:

For killings committed in the game, users receive points, they are also awarded for completing tasks and missions. What can you use your glasses for? This is the upgrade of your weapon.

Players and their weapons can be upgraded. Upgrades can be installed, removed, or upgraded between missions. Some of them have "prime" versions, which have more interesting parameters and more interesting design.

Players have the ability to jump, run, slide, and roll. All these actions can be combined in order to move around the level as quickly as possible, preserving your health. It is interesting that players can use parkour methods, their use will allow them to be the best of the best, deftly avoid dangers and get out of seemingly hopeless situations.<

If you're wondering what game to download to have fun, then don't even think about downloading Warframe. This is an incredibly interesting computer game that takes place online. Genres Action / RPG, as well as a third-person shooter. It is worth noting that this game did not immediately become as popular as it is now, there were obstacles in the way of its creation and development.