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Gold in Warspear Online is a headache for any player - there is never enough of it. And even in those rare moments when your pockets are filled to the brim with gold coins, it seems to you that there are none at all. In Warspear Online, gold is one of the main currencies that you will spend on various items, be it consumables or pieces of your equipment. Therefore, having a small amount of gold in your pockets is always useful for any player, be it a beginner or an experienced player. But where to get gold for a beginner who does not have the opportunity to farm? Or an experienced player who has lost all desire to grind?

How to make a purchase

Do you want to make a purchase of gold in Warspear Online? Then you only need to follow a simple sequence of actions: < /p>

You will only have to receive the currency in the way that is provided for by your agreements with the seller, and then transfer the payment seller. Until this moment, all funds are held by the Loot4Pay marketplace. Therefore, in case of a deal failure, you can always get them back!

Why you should do it

Some players find it really difficult to achieve great results in games. And it's not even their skills or laziness, but a simple lack of time.

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