World of Kings

What's interesting about dungeons?

More than 5 epic dungeons have appeared in the latest version of World of Kings. Now you can play in a simplified mode, but at the same time get more items and pieces of equipment.

In addition, you can get super loot. The more difficult the level of the dungeon that the player needs to complete, the better his reward will be. You can team up and take on different roles. This will make it possible to receive more useful prizes.


A huge number of changes have been made for each of the classes in the new version of the game. This made it possible to balance PvP battles.

Now gamers will be able to call on their teammates to form a squad. Fighting on the battlefield or in the arena is no longer necessary one at a time. A team battle mode is available.

To start a duel, you do not need to look for a suitable location. It is enough just to challenge the enemy. Dueling will help train your character's combat skills.

Due to the fact that the PvP system will work in real time, only the strongest will be able to survive. This gives an additional incentive for pumping skills. The possibilities of the battlefield have also been expanded. Now about 100 players will be able to take part in the battle. A variant of the battle is possible, in which a guild attacks another guild.

A new race has appeared in the game. A base class has also been added. 6 races have their own independent histories, as well as 10 basic and 30 advanced classes. All you have to do is choose!

The level limits have also changed.

Gamers who appreciate games with great graphics and classic gameplay will love World of Kings. This is, by right, a masterpiece among 3D MMORPGs. The game has thousands of interesting and beautiful locations, as well as many quests. World of Kings is updated regularly.