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Where to get a mount in WoW

In World of Warcraft, mounts become available to players from level 20, but obtaining and training will take days and weeks. Although in theory the game allows you to get animals for free for certain achievements, codes dropped from a deck of cards or special skills, in practice you often have to buy for gold from a trainer of your race, or for real from other gamers.

More profitable and more convenient buy a mount in WoW from another player. This will save time on trying to get it yourself and choose not from a couple of random options, but from the brightest mounts from all over the ru-space, including the rarest species, videos with which collect mountains of views on YouTube.

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How to buy

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To get a virtual animal, you need to follow just a few simple steps:

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The legendary computer game World of Warcraft is a whole world with special rules, its own currencies and markets, and, of course, animals. Animals in this MMORPG, whether Classic, Shadowlands or any other version, play an important role. As WoW's mounts, mounts noticeably speed up the character, and some of them keep enemies out of the way. But getting them is not easy.