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By going into dungeons with other players or against a strong boss, you can get anything from powerful items for character development to the rarest mount. However, it is not easy to break into an experienced team that knows the necessary tactics.

As a rule, the most skilled warriors who have shown themselves well in battle are taken there. And even they will have to compete for a place. Of course, you can try blindly, but this way dreams of loot will not come true for a long time. It often takes several passes or more to reach the goal. Even hardcore gamers who love to hack for hours don't always have that much extra time. The way out is simple – buy a wow raid.

Our advantages

WoW loot raid with a pro will allow you to quickly and surely get the desired loot. This is much more convenient than wandering from guild to guild, each time downloading certain add-ons that are used only in one group or another, and hoping for luck, or making the same mistakes in a team of strangers.

Our marketplace will help you find a raid unit that is ready to become your guide for a small reward. We ensure:

With us in WoW, buying a raid is not difficult. Entrust the matter to experts, gain experience by watching their work, get the desired loot and just enjoy the game. If you have repeatedly come back with victory and gold from these dangerous places, do not hesitate to offer your help on our portal and earn extra money on your favorite hobby.

World of Warcraft Classic – the most popular multiplayer game. It strikes the imagination with a variety of locations, tasks, equipment and desperate raids for rich loot.