World of Warships

Initially, the shooter required the installation of Windows OS, but a year later, the developers launched access to MacOS through Mac Wrapper (with the help of CodeWeavers). Three years after the release, the creators are releasing World of Warships Blitz for use on iOS and Android. Game mechanics and ship modifications are similar to Word of Warships, but Blitz is a separate product that was created specifically for smartphones.

World of Warships: Legends was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1 in 2019 - a game created specifically for consoles "from and to". It has many differences from the main version: game control, the size of maps for naval battles, the number of levels of naval equipment, and others that are not so significant. The gameplay is faster. However, the players those who fell in love with the original idea were satisfied.<

Game Process

The game is a tactical shooter. There are three types of weapons - ship guns, aircraft and torpedoes. The basis of the gameplay is team interaction. Players are allowed to unite in groups before the battle or directly during. It is possible to play against another team or against game bots. The scoring system determines the winner of the battle.

The ship models that are presented in the shooter are military vessels from the early 1900s to the 50s of the 20th century. There is a choice of four classes of vehicles: aircraft carriers, battleships, destroyers and cruisers.

The player is given a choice of fleets of various world powers: the USA, England, the USSR, Japan, Italy and France and others.

< p> The game is based on the process of modernization of the naval forces through the study and development. Branches of various classes have levels from 1 to 10. Some ships can be bought for in-game currency without research.

Each naval unit is divided into several modules. They are learned through the experience gained during game battles. The experience rating makes it possible to remove blocks from military ship modules. Upon completion of the study of all the components of the ship, the player is given the opportunity to open the next piece of equipment. If the modernization of the previous ship is completed completely, then it receives the status of an elite one. This gives advantages in terms of the game economy. Fleet leaders can also be trained by the player. By developing various skills in them, the player gives his captains the opportunity to upgrade their ship: install equipment on their ship, camouflage and upgrade weapons.

To acquire resources and rewards, the gameplay is livened up by the presence of campaigns, collections and combat missions. Such systems are designed to support the storytelling of the world wars story line in naval battles or beyond. The holding of seasonal events in the game world is timed to coincide with the release of updates, new branches of development, holidays such as Halloween, New Year and others. "Holiday Modes" is testing updates and the introduction of new mechanics and game modes.

Maps on which matches take place are selected randomly. Each of the locations is a specific place with landscape features. Usually the geographical location of the location corresponds to the place of significant historical naval battles of the First or Second World Wars. Most maps have standard weather conditions, but some still draw various effects that have an impact on visibility, and make the game process even more atmospheric. For a certain mode, there are unique maps, for example, a PvE battle based on the historical event "Dunkirk evacuation". At the beginning of 2020, more than three dozen different maps were presented in the game.

Standard naval battles are complemented by a variety of seasonal rating and clan modes.

World of Warships – an arcade naval battle simulator highly acclaimed by fans of naval adventures. This game is a massive real-time client game, historical setting of the First and Second World Wars. The announcement of Warships was released on 08/16/2011 from, a company that is a global creator and developer of online gaming content. Warships was launched in early autumn 2015.