World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic

We know that many of you may have missed the first years after the launch of this expansion at the beginning of the life of the game itself. However, this time you have all the options - Blizzard offers you this expansion almost unchanged. Locations, story and class changes - trust us, you can definitely get high from this.

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Are you ready?

< p>World of Warcfraft: The Burning Crusade can give you a really unusual experience, especially if you play it with a large group. A few friends can dramatically change the experience of any game, but World of Warcfraft: The Burning Crusade can even be played alone.

The Burning Crusade — it's the long awaited addition to World of Warcraft that just about every fan has been waiting for. Blizzard decided to return our good old 2007 along with all due — huge PvP locations, an exciting Illidan storyline, and the first (but not the last) kill of Kael’Thas.