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According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, in 2013 the number of Russian-speaking YouTube channel users was 2% of the total audience. Video hosting is also famous for its music charts, which, depending on the preferences of the user, provide videos of their interests.

YouTube is on the world stage.

The popularity and accessibility of the portal has reached global proportions and raised its importance to the level of television. Many media companies use the service to promote and advertise their products by creating an account on the service. News reports use videos from You-Tube, including videos with the status of meme (ironic video).

In 2007, CNN used the channel to select questions for discussion in inter-party debates. Subsequently, the company has come under fire after receiving allegations of data falsification and censorship. An example of interactive assistance, but in a positive way, can serve as a video message from the Al-Jazeera television company. A company representative conducted a survey of video portal customers about the possibility of launching a new English-language service within the YouTube service.

Due to the availability of the channel's services, some users have achieved worldwide fame in the media sphere, have gained the status of media celebrities. Tennman Records has signed a music deal with a YouTube songwriter called esmeedenters. The young girl posted amateur videos on her channel, not suspecting that it might be of interest to high-level producers, but in the end, Tennman Records, under the leadership of Justin Timberlake, helped to reveal the singer's talent. Justin Bieber is a world-famous teenager who also received an expensive contract thanks to posted videos on YouTube.

But there are also incidents with negative consequences from posted videos. Star Wars kid is a famous viral video that affected a high school student in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada. He posted on the channel an imitation of the fictional character Darth Maul from Star Wars, showing him in his performance. The video sparked ridicule at the student and eventually led to lawsuits filed against his classmates.

YouTube – Internet portal designed for storage, delivery and demonstration of video materials. Takes second place in the global video hosting arena. Users are given the opportunity to download, view, evaluate, comment on video files, as well as distribute them among users. In 2012, the portal traffic reached 4 billion people a day.